Finsurex is an Impact Investor and Advisor in a number of Key Sectors, with a core focus on : Energy, Agriculture and Mining Sectors on the African Continent.

Finsurex has a corporate presence in The United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria and The Gambia, established in 2015 to develop, finance, build maintain and operate assets in our sectors of focus and also trade the resources exploited from our assets on the international markets. Finsurex over the next five years will be making significant capital expenditure investment to increase its industrial capabilities, with the objective of refining, processing and adding significant value to the resources which it generates for assets it owns.

Finsurex also provides advisory services to: Individuals, Institutions and Governments in the aforementioned sectors of focus.

Finsurex possesses decades of experience in ground-breaking transactions on the African Continent and beyond. We possess unrivalled sector expertise and an established record of success. We also have strategic partnerships with local and international institutions.

We differentiate ourselves in the marketplace as a result of our thorough understanding of both the African economic and business landscape and the international commodities and financial markets.